v. to self-combust or become structurally compromised in a most likely spontaneous manner
by Daniel Webster December 31, 2005
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To explode.

Used satirically in a Strong Bad E-mail as an example of poor Japanese to English vide ogame translation.
by Crovax of 404 December 20, 2004
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verb (asplode, asplodes, asploding, asploded; n. asplosion, asplosions)

A mixture of an explosion and implosion, usually affecting only a person's head, though anything is subject to asploding.

It is a spontaneous and violent act, though usually its effects are only temporary, restoring its victim to continue normally or asplode again. An asplosion may occur if a person is overwhelmed by current circumstances, or if the existence of an object must suddenly cease to exist.

Most comical attacks such as a Shoop Da Whoop will cause an asplosion, but it itself functions as an attack either by suicide asplosions or declaring something else to have asploded.
"Fire the proton torpedoes in the exhaust port to make the Death Star asplode!"

"IMMA FIRIN MAH-- Oh no I swallowed my las--" *asplodes*

"In A.D. 2101 war was beginning." *universe asplodes*
by TerraGamerX March 11, 2009
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It has been predicted that in the year 2000, all computers that have not been run over by the (bound to happen) Monster Tuck Relay, will asplode. Although this time is far off and may be a waist of time thinking of, for it is the business of our children, as the amount of personal computers calculates, so does athe amount of things that will be asploding. An asplosion is like an explosion but very pixelated. Science warns of this era and we enter the 80's with caution.
Homestar: I'm not gonna lie to you, he flew away.
Strongmad: I have a funny hat!!!
Bubs: He jumped some of my busses!
by Dr Quentin Q. Quinn April 22, 2005
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A mixture of explode and implode. Something that asplodes does both at the same time.
If you do not eat choco-tacos your head will asplode!!!
by wolfeboro staff August 28, 2008
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when your ass explodes
I was takin a shit last night and i had an asplode.
by bob joe jim and kimmy July 15, 2005
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