A girl who is merely following her dreams! She may be a troll at times but deep down she is kind and sweet. She is a realist except when it comes to her own beauty. She does not realize that her inner and outer beauty makes her a ten out of ten. You will find very few people in this world with her sense of humor. A day with her is typically a day full of laughter and excitement. She can be a night owl at times which explains her deep love for extra sleep in the mornings. Jules is not the best at everything but makes up for it through hard work and dedication. Overall, Jules is somebody worth getting to know if you enjoy the little things in life. It would be shame not to try and get to know her!
Damn, today fucking sucks! Where is Jules when you need her!
by NumberOneTroll576 August 18, 2020
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A wonderful girl who gives you the most warm feeling when around her. She's funny, bubbly, smart and such a sweet beautiful girl. Jules is a girl who you can love forever.
Man, Chris really loves Jules
by Chrisiul21 January 25, 2016
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An amazing man with the prestigious combination of sensitivity and balls.

Most Jules's in the world grow up having their name made fun of when they are young, like "Hey Jules - like family jewels!" or "Jules? That's a girl's name! ...there's this chick Jules in my 'hood who gives good head."

But the male Jules who matures past the age of pre-pubescent name-calling eventually develops an empathy for people with odd names, and becomes adventurous, cultured, creative, and daring. They eventually attain a high level of respectability, and make excellent civic leaders, husbands, fathers, and bodyguards.

This carefully constructed personality allows them to associate equally with elitists and badasses, like Jules (played by Samuel L. Jackson), who serves as Mr. Wallace's henchman and thus himself is a badass in the Tarantino cult classic film, Pulp Fiction.
"Jules, you give that man your wallet, and I'll shoot you on general principle."
by nmguiniling February 7, 2010
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The best woman yo will ever know she loves legit everything and seth estridge she is the hottest woman you will ever know she is very thick and when I mean thick I mean thick and she beautiful as crap I ldo be her so much y'all should be her friend Jules I like be you s much babe
Very thoughtfully Jules is so hot
by Juliahna October 1, 2019
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The most amazing girlfriend anyone can ask for. Understanding, accepting, caring, loving, and hot as fuck.
by domxho January 31, 2011
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Sexy nick name for Julia, Julianna, Juliana, Julie, Juliet ect. Usually used to spice up their name to make their name sound more cute and adorable.

Heyy whats you name?

Julianna, but call me Jules *wink*
by girl2837 January 17, 2009
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