Thought Vacuum

People usually watch TV to escape from the real world or to pass the time. But after watching TV enough and doing little else to keep it busy, the brain will enter a recessive state, usually leading to short term memory, minimal attention span, etc.
That was a good episode of Lost. I wonder what else is on.
That was a good episode of American Idol. I wonder what else is on.
That was a good episode of Family Guy.
*picks up a book*
Huh, none of these words make sense. Oh well.
*picks up the TV remote*
by Limbo March 5, 2006
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1. Unsupervised, it's cocaine for children. Want to make a criminal? Place child (A) in front of TV (B) for 10 years. Nag occassionally. Wait for police.
2.One of many distractions that pulls the attention away from yourself so you don't see how miserable you are in reality. Highly addictive.
3.A transvestite.
It's not TV, it's your dad in a dress!
by FrankC March 14, 2004
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Symptoms of heavy TV users:

Glazed eyes

Detachment from reality

Social ineptitude

Delusions such as believing that ficitional characters and/or plot lines are real - this may lead to the addict seeking out the actors and actresses at conventions and addressing them by their fictional names

Religious worship of actors and actresses as gods (which may lead to low self-esteem)

Serious cases of TV addiction can lead to a decline in the addict's general hygiene, and in many cases, substantial weight gain

by Dannidoo May 26, 2006
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A natural predator. It lures it's prey to itself, by flashing moving images and makes the prey sit in front of it, until it will starve to death. Once you look at it, you are magnetized and cannot leave without the help of another Being.
OMFG! He's stuck to the TV. Quick, before he starves.
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Something you use to watch your favorite shows on. Often used to watch Netflix as well. Many eat popcorn while using this.
Kevin: "What should we watch on TV today, Tiffany?"
Tiffany: "How about a romance to celebrate our relationship?"
Kevin: "Sure!"
by tangentjif April 21, 2017
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I've got 110 channels on my tv and there's nothing to watch.
by flatroze September 26, 2010
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A TV is essentially box containing moving pictures, accompanied by sound, designed to reverse the effects of education in adults, seniors, and children. It is occasionally referred to as a boob tube, a television, and various other names. It corrupts the minds of a nations people. It is everywhere you go. There is no escape. NONE. BWAHAHAHAHAHA.
Before TV:
Bob: "Hey Jack, what's 6+6?"
Jack: "12"
After TV:
Bob: "Hey Jack, what's 6+6?"
Jack: "plus..?"
by Jesse Wilkerson November 14, 2007
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