Something you say in jest when something sounds remotely racist or derogatory.
Man #1: Man, white man can't jump!
Man #2: That's racist!

Man #1: *BURP*
Man #2: That's racist!
by Kilokahn August 11, 2010
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A racist is a person that adheres to a system in which a dominant race believe they are superior and implements systems that privilege the dominant race at every conceivable social, political and economical opportunity. A racist in essence, wants to benefit from the oppression of other races.

We don't live in a society where every racial group has equal power, status and opportunity.

Yes, white people all over the world throughout history have experienced slavery and persecution but have not been enslaved, colonised or forced to segregate on the scale that black people have. They do not face housing or job discrimination, police brutality, poverty or incarceration at the levels that black people do. This is not to say that they do not experience things like poverty and police brutality at all but again, not on the same scale - not even close.

Racists also discriminate across religious and cultural boundaries. Islamophobia is anti-moslem racism mixed with cultural intolerance. Anti-moslems are racists that target markers of moslem identity. Perpetrators of anti-moslem hate crime disproportionately target visibly moslem women, in the very same way racists target people for the colour of their skin. Anti-moslem racists often target Sikhs because Sikhs wear turbans, wrongly believing only moslems wear turbans.
Racists imposed a system where black people were and still are rejected from obtaining loans, thus blacks could not build wealth for future generations. When they are refused home loans to move into white neighbourhoods, they remain in poor neighbourhoods with depressed infrastructure, their kids go to underfunded overcrowded schools, drop out and with no job prospects due to racist employers not willing to hire them, they commit crime to survive and racist judges will give them longer prison sentences than they do to white folk. Racist police also target blacks more than white folk and charge them for crimes they didn't commit.
Upon release they cannot get decent paying jobs, they remain in poor areas, their kids go to underfunded overcrowded schools, the cycle of poverty continues generation after generation.

That is the reality of racist oppression and racism.
by Eradicate Hate Speech May 22, 2022
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insecure, ignorant, people with no other task in life but to degrade and demean people of a different race but really only degrade themselves unless they are around other racists
Person1: that guy over there is a racists

Person2: he said that all (certain reace of people) are dimb


P1: That guy is sooooooo racist

P2: why did you say that?

P1: he said (certain race of people) are better than everyone else
by Cbreezy145 December 23, 2008
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Racist is another name for an ugly person called Donald Trump.
OMG...look! There is a racist on TV.
by FUCK.DONALD.TRUMP. June 4, 2020
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People who are terrible that don’t have a life
(John)Hey that guy is a racist
(Tim)man sucks to be him
by Guy with 2016 humor March 19, 2022
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A racist is someone who hates a race because they love their own - which really proves that they hate themselves.
Jew: Anti-Semitism is a serious problem you racist.
Non-Jew: Then why don't you get rid of Semitism?
Jew: ......................
by Why wait? Drink pee. April 26, 2022
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