anyone straying from the traditional white-male dominated society in America.
Non-white populations in America are treated unjustly.
by HammerChe November 07, 2008
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(n.) A fictitious thing that doesn't exist in all recorded time periods preceding the present. Characterized by failing to be an actual thing and failing to be real. Occasionally alluded to when people of anglosaxon descent suggest that 'diversity enrichment' or 'affirmative action' are the cause of a minority's success, as opposed to their unquestionable hardwork and refined skillset. Basically, in the words of our great vice president, a hot, steaming load of malarky.
One day while petting my miniature pet tiger in my penthouse made of polished diamonds, someone subtly suggested I achieved my high power job at my fortune 500 firm via non-white privilege. I paused, then quickly retorted, saying 'That shit's fictitious. Read Kulushi's entry on urban dictionary: that's not even a *thing*.' As they walked away, clearly disgruntled, I cheerfully said 'BYE FELICIA'. I then continued my successful life of disregarding females, acquiring currency and being the inherently badass minority I am.
by Kulushi November 20, 2014
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