When an opinion or idea has been made not based on actual experience or reason
Phil:Mary is so egotistical
Kaye:oh... do you say that?
Phil:I don't know she just seems like she is full of herself

Kaye:well that's a bit prejudiced don't you think?
Phil: Touché
by horny24/7 January 9, 2016
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The belief in or behavior toward prejudice; the proper word for "prejudism" is prejudice.
"Her prejudism makin' her trip on him! Why is she actin' like that?"
"While we're talking about prejudism, let's not forget sexism. We have to be careful how we speak."
by Jeffernation November 22, 2015
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His prejudism caused him to believe the other people were evil.
by MELANIE C December 6, 2013
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A leader of any group of persons (however large or small) who promotes prejudice or racism. Within that group.
Jesse Jackson is the prejudent of the african-american community

With all her stories about "niggers", grandma Karen is the prejudent of our family!
by KCr8rh8r November 1, 2021
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