Verb, portmanteau - To pretend to text someone or reply to someone's text message to avoid awkward situations. This happens most often when talking to someone you don't really know or when you don't want to look weird while waiting for the bus.
My crush, Addie, and I have run out of things to talk about so I will pretext to avoid any awkward silences.
by savantwaler May 8, 2010
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1. When you send a text message and know what the reciever will reply. Therefore, you already write out (pretext) - and possibly save in drafts- what you will respond in return.

2. Could also be used in instant messaging by pre-typing a response.
X: "What are you doing tonight?" (asking even though they know)
X uses pretext and writes and saves to drafts- "Oh i see- me too."
Y: "Going to a movie."
X: sends the saved draft of "Oh i see- me too."
by sienna,rhea January 16, 2008
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an excuse when you are having an intercourse with someone else (other than ur gf)
Hey Darling what have you been doing saturday night? oh I was having a pretext for having sex
Hey Noah can I see your sticks? (<-- this is the pretext)
I love when you twist them...
by Gabrielasitta March 24, 2008
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When one pretends to write a text message to someone, in hopes of avoiding unwanted and/or awkward situations.

NOTE: Although 'pretexting' is a portmanteau of 'pretending' and 'texting', the actual word 'pretext' shares a similar concept, as it is defined as "an effort or strategy intended to conceal something."
Person 1: Dude, every time I was leading on to ask Jill out, she would get a text from one of her friends. Isn't that weird?
Person 2: Bud, you do realize...
Person 1: *sigh.* She was pretexting, wasn't she.
Person 2: Sorry man. Hey, what say we go to Taco Bell?
by Sharmz May 28, 2009
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Calling a telephone company or a financial institution and obtaining sensitive, personal information about a customer by deceiving the company into believing that you are that customer.
It was revealed that Hewelett Packard was spying on its board of directors and hired lawyers to obtain information on personal phone calls. The lawyers used pretexting to trick phone companies into releasing that information.
by Yoova September 14, 2006
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Typing into a phone appearing to be sending and receiving messages with serious intent, but nobody is receiving or responding.
While sitting at a table in a restaurant with his parents, he is pretexting so that he can ignore his folks and anyone who may see him.
by Mountieman April 5, 2010
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man1- So HP was caught pretexting the other day.
man2- Pretexting? What's with the fancy shit? Call it for what it is, they were lieing!
by Zumwalmi October 4, 2006
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