What ignorant idiots are
Media: There was bombings at-
People who with Islamophobia: ThE mUsLiMs DiD iT
by Random Asian kid 101 May 12, 2019
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The hatred of, or prejudice against moslems or the Islamic religion.

We should stop using the rather abstract term “Islamophobia” and replace it with the concrete and relatable “anti-moslem” in order to drive home the severity of “Islamophobic” bigotry affecting a rapidly growing demographic within Western societies.

Where the antisemite is by definition dangerous, a term like Islamophobe makes the moslem-hater seem rather timid, implying that he is not a source of danger but a victim, merely reacting to an exogenous bogeyman with the most human of emotions which all of us have experienced at some point in our lives: fear.

This brand of hierarchical discrimination, selective downplaying and semantic antics also characterises discourses of gender, sexuality and race: the man who hates women is not a women-hater but is allowed to dwell in the luxury of a lofty term such as “misogynist”; the gay-hater is sanitised as a “homophobe” and the racist whitewashed as a “xenophobe”, both monikers implying that there is some characteristic within homosexuals and foreigners that triggers legitimate fear in mainstream society, thus making the two somehow complicit in the crime of other people despising them.
Islamophobia is a form of racism mixed with cultural intolerance. Islamophobia targets markers of moslem identity. Evident in how perpetrators of Islamophobic hate crime disproportionately target visibly moslem women, in the same way that racism often targets people for the colour of their skin.
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Dislike of or prejudice by westerners, mostly Caucasians and zionists, and whoever they brainwashed against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.
The same way they disliked black people, Jews, Japanese , native Americans, or all nom Caucasian immigrants, etc... the same way they fear Muslims and Islam, they are suffering from islamophobia.
by GodFearingCrusader June 20, 2017
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being scared of muslims because you watch the media and believe what is said.
this stupid racist site allowed people to write what they thin, stupid assholes lol
when it is Islamophobia it is bad but when its homophobia it isn't and cant be used politically
basically pure bullshit
by u stupid racist cunts April 22, 2017
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An irrational fear of the Islamic faith. Anything which promotes fear or hatred of Muslims, their culture and traditions
The war on terror is Islamophobia taken to the n'th degree.
by Black Flag May 29, 2004
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Irrational fear or hatred of Muslims. Usually found immediately after any terrorist event, resulting in persecution and intimidation of law-abiding Muslim Americans, or anyone who could be mistaken for a Muslim or Arab. Contrary to ultra-right-wing rhetoric, Islamophobia is not disagreeing with the religion of Islam or Sharia law. Islamophobia is fear of Muslims.
Examples of Islamophobia:

1. Reporting your Muslim neighbor to the Department of Homeland Security because you thought the lawnmower he was repairing in his garage was a bomb.
2. Shooting a Sikh store clerk because he was wearing a turban, and you thought that only Muslims wear turbans.
3. Attacking a Muslim woman on the street because you thought she was a terrorist.
4. Detaining law-abiding Muslims and sending them to Guantanamo for extremely shady reasons.
by the birds and trees April 6, 2007
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A fear of anything Islamic.
Such as presuming that all islamic chaps are terrorists in training.
Americans have been accused of Islamophobia since the World Trade Centre bombing.
by Kelly Osbourne's Gimp May 24, 2004
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