A term usually used to referred to Americans of African ancestry. Most in the Americas (and Caribbean) are the descendants of slaves that were brought to the New World by Europeans during the Trans-atlantic Slave Trade. There has been some small controversy over whether to identify Black Americans as African-Americans, as a result of the little identity that many Black Americans have to Africa(e.g., in most Black families, you have to go back an ample number of years to actually find the AFRICAN ancestry; Also, most Blacks in the Americas are not just pure African, as a result of the slave trade and other race mixing throughout the years.) The terms however are used interchangeably, although Black Americans, for example are not able to aply for some of the same scholarships as actual Africans. This, as everyone else, is a unique group of people. Many members of this race are unfairly discriminated against, as a result of racial stereotyping, however, unlike many perceptions, many do not let this stop them from achieving their full potential. However, this, as previously stated, is a wonderful race of people, that has achieved much in the long struggle for equality. Unlike other definitions, ALL Black people are not trifling, uneducated, lazy, ignorant, and other degrading adjectives.
Anonymous Person #1: Is there a difference between Black Americans and Africans that come here?
Anonymous Person #2: Well, there are but the terms African-American and Black American are used interchangeably.
A group of amazing people thats so intelligence and talented. The group is like champions who defeated all rivals in general. Black americans has good personality and style. Black americans are the american dream and gonna get what they need and want seriously.
Black Americans
Person 1 yo them group of people are very talented. They must be from african americans descent.
Person 2 hell yea i like what they do.
Person 3 they like that in real life too u know.
Person 4 yea i know shits awesome.
by Greatest ppl champ June 15, 2018
A group of badasses who took political to a whole different level ; took the city , state and country .
Yep black Americans is in charge; their no way around it .
by Greatest ppl champ February 3, 2019
A group of people that’s Fresh in the city and great quality; acceptable by people; a group of people who runs shit and cool in style .
Yo black Americans is fresh as hell and cool ; you know they run shit .
by Greatest ppl champ February 3, 2019
If you are black and your family has lived in America for so long that they don't know the country in Africa their ancestors originally came from, this is you. Black-Americans are often mistaken for African-Americans.These are two completely different things.
Black American: So I hear you're from Africa.
African: Yes
Black American: So am I!
African: Really?
BA: Yeah
African: What part?
BA: (silence) I don't know but I know my great-great-great-great grand mother moved here from somewhere in the east.
by Blaise Z. January 13, 2005
Indigenous people of North America , previously called negro, colored, mulatto, lndian and American. Refered to themselves as Niiji, or tribal designation. Mistakenly referred to as descendants of Eastern Africa, or African Americans.
Black American need to be recognized for the Americans they are.
by ABORIGINAL American July 4, 2022