Similar to Atlanta but not as many skyscrapers and very spread out. The club areas are actually suburbs, Ybor City and Channelside. The area surrounding University Of South Florida is where you can get your car shot up, raped or killed.
by Bay Area Don't Play August 8, 2004
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The best city in Florida; home of some of the chicos y chicas mas calientes in the world! Rated the 9th most dangerous city in the United States, due in large part to the area surrounding the University of South Florida, where crime rates are very high.

There are separate areas of Tampa:
-NORTH TAMPA is primarily lower-middle class Caucasians and Mexican-Americans.
-SOUTH TAMPA is primarily upper class Caucasians.
-INTERBAY, which is the area south of Gandy Boulevard, is primarily African-American and is another haven for crime.
-UNIVERSITY WEST, also known as SUITCASE CITY by the locals, is primarily African-American and Latino, and is the area that has brought Tampa to the #9 slot on the list of Most Dangerous Cities in the USA.
-WEST TAMPA, which includes the areas of BON AIR and COURIER CITY, is a primarily Latino area where not much goes on.
-CARROLLWOOD is a neighborhood which is technically in North Tampa, but it is home to the upper-middle class "yuppies".
-TAMPA PALMS is an area out in the middle of nowhere, almost to the Pasco County line, where a lot of rich people live because they want to be as far as possible away from Tampa because they don't want their precious children to be exposed to real life.
Tampa is the best city in the world.
by Robert Koehler December 24, 2005
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Acronym TAMPA - That Ain't My Problem Asshole.
So Mike said he owes the bartender $500 for the rounds he ordered and I'm like TAMPA.
by Kirby Mandrake January 3, 2012
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The most badass town in the Nation. Girls are fine as shit, nice neighborhoods, one of the best nightlifes with channelside ybor and downtown. Beaches all around, sunny all the time- cant beat it. New York doesnt have shit on Tampa.
Home of the Bucs, gorgeous women, baseball heroes as kids, and famous people everywhere.
by T-town resident December 16, 2004
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Simply put, the greatest city in the world. Home of the Buccaneers, Rays, Lightning, and uberhot women.
Dude, this place lacks ownage, let's go back to Tampa.
by Vincent Vega January 4, 2004
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A cesspool of bad drivers, seedy strip clubs, metal bands, old farts, ghetto wanna-be rich kids, and a college that breeds criminal activity. In the last 5 years, voted the second worst city for drivers, in the top ten in pedestrian injuries/deaths, 2nd in worst allergy related illness, 3rd most depressing city, 6th worst city for sports, 9th worst city of overall credit score boasting a 675, and the 7th most dangerous city in the united states. If you are coming from up north to move down here, turn around. We're already full.
by Myke Vilches July 12, 2005
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City of low-rent strippers, litterers, rattle cars, scam artists, and punk ass wannabe gangsters ... basically a third world sewer. Top ten hardest place to find a job. Turn around and go back to Atlanta - unless you like being car jacked and girls that dress like hookers.
"Hey man I just drove through a town with the rudest little punks and the fattest assed girls I've ever seen".

"Tampa, right"?
by Trampa dog July 5, 2009
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