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the type of folk, also known as the plural of cracker, whom colored people are not fond of.
I hate white folk.
by Jesse Berman January 28, 2004
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Individuals of Caucasian heritage who are uneducated or otherwise ignorant to obvious characteristics of other ethnicities and races.
Should spoken with slow-claps, shaking head, or face palm in response to a stupid remark in order to maximize sarcastic affect.
Stevey: "How did Japan not take over China in WWII, Japan's like twice as big as China."

Timmy: "... White Folk"


Stevey: "What part of Africa did Rap music come from?"

Timmy: "... White Folk"
by HotSauceSteve December 17, 2011
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a white folk is a stupid person stuff white folk do consist of ; milk first and more

white folk names boy ; Phill Bob Bill Joe Jake Connor Tanner Wyatt Cody Dustin Luke Jack Scott Logan Cole Lucas Bradley Jacob Garrett Dylan Maxwell Hunter Brett Colin George

white folk names girl ; Hannah Bella Molly Amy Claire Emily Katie Madeline Katelyn Emma Abigail Carly Jenna Heather Katherine Caitlin Kaitlin Holly Allison Kaitlyn Kathryn Lori
person one: oh hey, whats your name?
person two: Phill
person one: so your white folk

person two; yes indeedly doodly
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