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An expression commonly used in South Australia to describe someone who pulls out of organised plans and events in the last moment. It is mainly used as a verb in various phrases.
Person 1: "Sorry guys, I can't make it to tonight's event."
Person 2: "Can't believe you're pulling an Adamo!"
Person 3: "We just got Adamo'd!"
by 19anon93 July 03, 2018
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The most warm-hearted and most passionate person. This guy is usually very attractive and everyone always wants to be with him. He always has the best jokes to tell and if you are sad, don't go see him because he has no sympathy for other. He is very loud and one of the most amazing humans alive. He can rap too!
"He is such an Adamo"

"I wish I can be as good looking as Adamo"

"Too bad there are no classes to become an Adamo"
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by mercuri June 16, 2017
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A bowl of marijuana that is packed much higher than usual. Best done on a bubbler.
"Johnny is so pro - he always packs adamos."

"He packed an adamo right before class!"
by mr smokey March 04, 2009
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An individual who is always saying one thing and doing another. They are generally "cold" people who have tendencies to tell you whatever you want to hear, but without respect or sincerity.
If you don't like the food I cooked just say so...don't be an adamo and just throw it away behind my back.
by John Foster December 19, 2005
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Dells wannabe (but better) Macbook Air laptop clone, named after what they smoked when they were designing it.
"Dude, this Adamo is awesome! This shitty Macbook Air makes for a good rolling service."

-- former Dell "dude" guy smokin' pot
by Triple-Zed March 19, 2009
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