Name for the second guy in a gay relationship. the one who isnt very known and doesnt have many friends
"Did you know that James has a boyfriend?"
"no way!"
"Ya..Man #2"

"Omgosh, Megan Watson is such a Man #2!!"
by Alixia May 19, 2009
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one of the best games/movies ever. Highly addictive!
Man I wanna fucking play spider-man 2 bitch!
by Josh P September 7, 2004
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Mega Man 2 is the best mega man game ever with awesome badass robot master to defeat and mother fucking metal man!!!

Mega man 2 is soooo much better than mega man x and anyone who says diffferently is probably not real.
sex attractive male- Hey have you ever played mega man 2 its awesome

lanky strange male- No all i have is mega man x.... my life sucks
by johnsen, oakes July 3, 2011
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Literally the coolest person ever. The THE Infront of his name symbolizes large power and copium.
Wow! I wish I could be like THE snake man 2 he’s so good with that copium
by movert123 March 3, 2021
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The most disgusting video i've ever seen.
it's basically a man popping both of his eyeballs with two spoons *one spoon for one eye*
just don't search it, you're going to be critically concerned.

the video was enough for me to want to die.
hey man, have you seen adam?
ah yes, he commited suicide.
he watched 1 man 2 spoons
by TheAnonymousWaffle April 4, 2020
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1 man 2 needles

A video continuing from the internet shock sites (such as 1 man 1 jar and 2 girls 1 cup) which involves 1 man sticking 2 needles in his scrotum.

This video is no longer available but if you research 1 man 2 needles you will find a man who has injected silicone into his balls for 6 years and his balls are the size of coconuts.
I have heard about the original 1 man 2 needles video but I can't watch it as it's no longer available.
by Prostate Exam May 28, 2014
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