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Surely you jest!
by larstait October 29, 2003
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Our lord and savior with a dick large enough to please all his followers. Created by intellectuals at Stephen F. Austin State University.
by LordandsaviorJests January 31, 2017
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you giv me bare "jests"
i catch so much "jests" pon road
by Melanie March 09, 2004
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A jean vest. Also known as a denim vest. Very hideous. In the 1970's and 80's often people would sport Jests with rhinestone jewelry sewn in on the back. Widely shunned since the late 90's, Jests are currently only worn by bikers, homosexuals, and serial killers.
"Honey, I don't want you dating that boy. He wore a jest, so he's either a fag or a serial killer"
by Ampollino September 26, 2007
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Something that is beneficial and really cool.
person one- Hey i just got a perfect score on my SATs

person 2- NO way! that is jest!
by the finest chika December 10, 2008
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