being antagonistic is opposing progress or being negative and possibly being hostile.
Stop being so antagonistic. I know it wasn't the plan but, it's not too big a deal if you come earlier and help out.
by O-J September 05, 2006
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An antagonist is a character(s), institute, or concept that is used as a force of opposition towards the protagonist. Often, in most cases, the antagonist is a bad guy, a villain, however that isn't always the case. In some cases, the antagonist could very well be a good person, a hero.
Person 1: Those cops in those movies where they try to stop criminals are good antagonists.
Person 2: But they are good people. How are they antagonists?
Person 1: Antagonists aren't necessarily bad people. They just oppose the protagonists, in which some cases the protagonists is the evil one. Like Death note. Light Yagami may be the protagonist, but you know he's the evil one and L, the guy trying to stop him, despite him being the good guy, is the antagonist of the story.
by Beware The Hashi May 21, 2020
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the character in a good vs. evil plot that opposes the good/hero.
everyone seems to root for the hero's in stories...but i like to root for the antagonist
by Altgirl August 24, 2006
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An antagonist is the bad guy in a movie,book or video game that makes life impossible to the protagonist,in this case the good guy.
Top 20 video game antagonists:

Nº20:Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)

Nº19:Claudia Wolf (Silent Hill 3)

Nº18:Edgar Ross (Red Dead Redemption)

Nº17: Shaun Calderon (25 To Life)

Nº16: Massimo Torini (Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories)

Nº15: Vassili Rykov (Aliens Vs. Predator 2)

Nº14: Jerry Martinez (Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories)

Nº13: Lionel Starkweather (Manhunt)

Nº12: Jack Alexander (Hitman Blood Money)

Nº11: Dr. Proton (Duke Nukem)

Nº10: Leo Kasper (Manhunt 2)

Nº09: Osmund Saddler (Resident Evil 4)

Nº08: Emilio Barzini (The Godfather The Game)

Nº07: The Elder Brother (Kane & Lynch Dead Men)

Nº06: Frank Tenpenny (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas)

Nº05: Gary Smith (Bully)

Nº04: Blake Dexter (Hitman Absolution)

Nº03: Governor Griffon (Red Dead Revolver)

Nº02: Shangsi (Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days)

Nº01: Mental (Serious Sam)
by Sam Nukem December 08, 2012
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A character who opposes the protagonist(s). typically avillain, but not always.
Dr. Eggman is usually the antagonist in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
by 5magmacubes August 22, 2016
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The ultimate kill joy. Someone who makes others so miserable, he/she suppress the effects of dopamine on mood.
Your boss is such a dopaminergic antagonist that every time you have a meeting with him, you're depressed for the rest of the month.
by BlackSheepofScience June 11, 2016
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1. Somebody who used to be the antagonist of a game, movie, etc.
2. You misspelled Prantagonist.
A word that I probably just made right now at midnight.
Guy 1: "Did you hear that character in game used to be an antagonist?"
Guy 2: "So he's a pre-antagonist. right."
Guy 1: "You know that character from game is a preantagonist."
Guy 2: "You mean Prantagonist, right?"
Guy 1: "Yes."
by Jabrinski May 29, 2020
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