1. To begin to harvest
2. Gently hit or touch
3. Proceed to sex, fuck
4. A type of spigot head
5. A type of water
1. Johnny tapped into the gold mine.
2. Johnny tapped the table.
3. Johnny tapped dat ass!!
4. Johnny used a tap on the keg.
5. Johnny drank tap water and tapped dat ass!!
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Another word for hello, used when meeting someone or talking to someone on the phone
Azaan:Tap, how are you
Ramandeep:I’m good thank you for asking
by Suuuiiii January 04, 2022
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Tap tap: (adjective) 1 - Any action or event invoking a sensation of elevated awesomeness, usually causing jealousy in others when it is used to describe someone or something besides themselves. 2 - Any action or event which is highly socially adept.
That is so tap!
by Ilovemesomechocolatemilk September 17, 2010
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Glaswegian Term.
to "tap" someone is to get a short term loan from someone.
Here, can you tap me two quid for my train ticket.
by glesga patter July 29, 2012
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1. To fuck someone swiftly
2. To touch
3. An acronym for "The Anorexic Pussy"
1. Oh yeah, I'd tap that
2. I tapped my foot to the beat

by Lmaodamoncarroll August 10, 2017
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To see a girl you are attracted to and fuck her sexy ass brains out.
Charlie: Damn! Monica's lookin sexy. I would tap

Me. Yea and so is your mom. I'd tap that shit too.
by The Janator October 17, 2010
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