With or Having 'The Quickness'
He walks swiftly
by eL April 8, 2004
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the act of feeling smooth, fly, amazing and spectacular.
After he asked me out, I went home feeling swiftly and had a dance party.
by Corrieeeeee October 6, 2008
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A portable self microwaving naan bread for use on the move.

Also can be doubled up to be used as naan flip flops - a warm, soft alternative to footwear.

"I could really do with a swiftly naan right about now"


"That swiftly naan was well tasty!"

"Awww those naans feel so warm on my feet.. sweet"
by Fontwell February 19, 2009
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Having anal sex, with a cherry flavored condom (refering to the Shirley Temple drink).
"Me and Lisa did it swiftly butt shirley style last night, and I have to say that put some animal crackers in my soup!"
by Patchey November 28, 2008
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