The act of taping a women with your dick while u are hard
Come tap me billy
by peanutbuttershake March 31, 2017
When you give someone a cigarette without them having to pay
Steve: hey brad tap me one

Brad: ye sure

Steve: sound
by shadyshaccus July 9, 2019
Written at the end of an message either by email or social networking site like myspace, Originally comes from the saying i'd tap that.

Often Today it is used just to mean "write Back" although it is often slander used between Good Friends and partners in a relationship to hint about there secret sexual life which is cheekily announced by using this phrase
by phrasemaster August 14, 2009
Boy- Hey would you let me tap
Girl-tap what?
Boy-tap that ass or pussy
Girl-mmmm idk about that
by soytoxica February 6, 2023