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A gorgeous young lady who is really goofy but everyone loves her. She has a way of making you happy when your sad and also when you doubt yourself. Boys love her if you have a girlfriend named Kayla shes a keeper. She is nice and very thoughtful. She will always be a friend when you need one BUT if you make her mad or sad she does have a bad side and you do not want to get on it. Sometime Kayla can be annoying at some point but she is always by your side :)
Example One:
Boy: Dude you see that girl who is she?
Girl: Ya what about her?
Boy: Dang She fine imma ask her out!
Girl: Well of course she is a Kayla
by That girl Kayla ;) November 17, 2015
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a straight up GODDESS. any girl named kayla is a QUEEN she SLAYS! she is highly gorgeous and has a strong personality. she is independent and shy, but once you get to know her she is the most craziest, funniest, clumsiest person to ever walk the face of this earth. kayla is the one who has everyone in tears wishing they could be her. she is a hottie to he guys, who all just wish they could be w/ her and w/out her they would not survive. honestly, kayla is just the most amazing person ever and that's that.
boy: God damn, that girl is HOT!
girl: that's kayla ,isn't she amazing?
boy: hell yeah! that kayla is working it so good!
by a cutie! August 25, 2016
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The most amazing girl you will ever meet she's so beautiful and gorgeous she's funny random fun to be around and is perfect in every thing she does she's so lovable she's super sexy and you can't stay mad at her
"Hey there's Kayla over there i wish I was her so perfect!"
by Giovanni1228 March 11, 2015
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A short, beautiful lady who makes up for it in confidence. Takes shit from no one, whoever it is. She has a soft side, and a caring for others, even though she may not always show it. Cynical as all hell, but knows when to be sensitive towards others. Always knows what she's doing, even when she doesn't. She can always seem like the wise one in any situation. Everything someone would want, plus a whole lot more you won't expect.
That Kayla is not a qua mcqua.
by haroldwashismiddlename August 26, 2014
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The prettiest girl on earth,popular and is sweet as candy she would start singing at random moments no matter where she is. THE FUNNIEST EVER
boy: who is that short girl singing over there Girl:that must be a kayla
by aboy483289324 January 19, 2015
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she is a bad bitch what a can do attitude she is amazing sweet sassy nice the best just your ride or die bitch like the best thing that will ever walk into your life
yo i got this girl named KAYLA i think i want to wife her
by life by kayla May 19, 2017
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A sarcastic, beautiful, lovely, funny, although sometimes very blunt woman. Makes your day when you're down. The boys will follow after her. Sometimes can be a fucking bitch, but who's not, come on!
Kayla: Hey girlie, what's up?
Friend: I got an F on my Spanish Test.
Kayla: Hey, Mr. Touchie is a douche bag who couldn't do the work himself.

Friend: -laughs- Hey thanks!

Kayla: No prob. Let's go get ice cream, shall we?
by Lemon Squares November 13, 2014
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