brian-"oh my god look at those T.A.P.S
richard-"whats taps?"
by Decast Ronaut September 11, 2010
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Used to describe when someone has the ability to have sex with a certain person when ever they want. They have installed a tap and can turn it on or off whenever they want.
She's his tap, and he can turn it on anytime
by Kie7 June 23, 2009
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A term used to describe turning a playing card 90 degrees left or right in the card game Magic: The Gathering.

see also: untap
Make sure you tap your lands to pay for your spell.
by Malvar November 23, 2003
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Glaswegian Term.
to "tap" someone is to get a short term loan from someone.
Here, can you tap me two quid for my train ticket.
by glesga patter July 29, 2012
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1) To engage in sexual relations.
2) (usually capitalized) To urinate. Come from the acronym Take A Piss, as seen in the greatest motion picture of all time, CB4.
1) Man, I straight tapped that izass till the break of dawn, yo!
2) Damn, that gin is talkin' to a nigga. I gots to TAP up in this muffucka!
by shintriad November 23, 2005
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Used to refer to any number of hot girls. Originates from "tap that ass".
"Man look at those two taps over there, they are fine as hell!"
by T1283 September 26, 2008
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