When buying drugs, or drug memorabilia, dealers might send photos or text, Snapchat stories ect of their merchandise telling you to "Tap in." This just mean to claim what you want.
Dealer: *forwards picture of kush titled "tap in"*

Buyer: "lemme get 2gs"

Dealer: *Delivers Drugs*
by Bugthenovice May 27, 2019
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Northern California slang , more specificaly , MOZZY SLANG 916, OAK PARK , fuck wit us!! TAP INWARDLY! That means breathe on me , call me , hit me. You got my line , utilize that mothafucka
Mozzy: Tap in . Gon be in fresno !! Function wit the fella !
by baygirl707 July 24, 2017
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in the know...to have the inside scoop...on the cutting edge of knowledge...to know the score...to be on the beam...early adopter knowledge...having a knowledge base that is yet unknown to the masses.
Minorities are tapped in to dangerous synthetic food additives in processed food.
by tapped in tommy October 07, 2013
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Referring to having sex with a female.

Comes from the party term, 'to tap a keg'.. where one inserts a tap into a keg and drinks what comes out. But the user is instead tapping an ass.
by Adam September 22, 2004
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Tapped is a word to describe someone who is dosey and messed up at the same time.
You were just taking a walk and a brick fell onto your head, you get no surgery after and stay the way you are.
Tapped is how you would be after, dosey, tapped, messed up
by TaPpEd ToNkIn August 30, 2018
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