To reserve something for one's self before or as you get to the destination. Particular for youth.
(On the bus) Hey, bro! Tap-tap that seat!!
by Viraj May 23, 2006
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a socialy legal binding phrase that once shouted gives you the right to keep your "spot" after getting up and leaving it unattended for a short period of time, usually excercised at a party,and or get togethere.
After watching Cesar shout Tap-Taps quickly before getting up from the couch for a refill, Izzac lets Junior know that he did so as Junior tried to "jack" the "spot".
by Cesar & Junior September 21, 2007
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Use or exploit or take advantage of a plentiful resource for your benefit
The company is hoping to tap into the Chinese market
by grena February 21, 2010
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in the have the inside scoop...on the cutting edge of know the be on the beam...early adopter knowledge...having a knowledge base that is yet unknown to the masses.
Minorities are tapped in to dangerous synthetic food additives in processed food.
by tapped in tommy October 7, 2013
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Originated in Northern California, Sacramento slang. Tap in/Tap inwardly/ Tapped in: fuck wit us, hit my line, link up etc. etc.
"Tap in wit me bro!"
"Nigga we tapped in!"
by 6Tusks October 6, 2017
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