When a person makes a decision but changes it soon afterwards.
You are so short term.

Example - Lets go to the beach. *Thirty minutes later * I'm bored, I want to go home. Bruv, you are so short term!
by Ryan Trump October 8, 2015
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A no strings attached relationship where you and your partner are just having fun, usually sexual. No serious commitment or pressure involved, only casual encounters. Longer than a one night stand, but shorter than a long term relationship. More of a random hookup, friend with benefits. STF for short.
Doug: "I heard that Donna and Kevin broke up. That has to be really devastating to both of them. It seemed they were made for each other."

Jill: "And what rock are you living under?...LOL! They were just having in a short term fling and weren't committed to each other. They just wanted casual, non committal fun."

Doug: "I guess they pulled the wool over my eyes. Gee, I feel like such a dork...LOL!"
by Preston Pierce May 18, 2010
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No longer having fucks to give as the end is near.
My last day is in two days, my co-worker keeps telling me I have Short-Term Itis.
by The Goddess Josefina September 13, 2018
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“Are you gonna hang out with Riley again?”
“No it was a short term dick situation.”
by Beeb_xo August 29, 2020
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When you find a random ID and take out short term loans to finance your coke.
Yo I found this random ID yesterday, lets get some short term coke this friday.
by KonSzym July 2, 2023
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A short term rental is a rental agreement where the tenant agrees to rent the property for a short period of time, usually 30 days or less. This type of rental agreement is often used by people who are looking for a temporary place to stay, such as people who are moving to a new city or people who are traveling for work.

Often times is no associated with vacation rental apps like Airbnb in VRBO. People you short term rentals for vacationing in often times unique and wonderful locations that would normally not be available for those who just rent hotels when traveling.

Short term rentals is abbreviated as STR, and due to the large amount of real estate investors starting short term rental businesses, competition drives innovations.
My family and I were looking for a short-term rental at the beach for our family reunion. We found a wonderful beach house in Crystal Beach Texas called the Sandy seahorse, which is a short term rental property.
by Better Than Awesome August 24, 2022
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When you're reminiscing about how nice of a nut you had and you try and remember what you nutted to, but you completely forget. And then you spend the next 10 minutes trying to remember but you just can't. Then you start hallucinating, thinking you found the video, but it's just another amateur rip off where the thot is clearly in her 40's.

>Not to be confused with the Mandela Nut.
"Hey man, I could hear you through the wall, that sounded liked a pretty good nut. Can you tell me the video?"
"Oh sure, It's uh... It's uh..."
"Sounds like short-term nut to me."
by soap tastes alright August 15, 2018
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