Taps - done by the tapping of your own shoulder or the shoulder of whoever has the rig. Signifies that you have next rip of the rig or device ( juul, pen, drop etc.)
Ryan β€œ taps on the pen” as Ryan taps Josh’s shoulder.

Josh passes pen or the rig to Ryan,
by Stapes123 July 20, 2018
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Abbrieviation for (female) Tits, Ass, Pussy.
1) A: Did you get some T.A.P. from her last night?
B: man helllll yea i got T.A.P.

2) That girl's got some T.A.P.
by Afroman and Im from July 29, 2005
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a pharse that is used to describe the involvement of sex.
(1) I tapped that ass last night!
(2) Tapping that ass yeah baby!
(3)He thought he could tap that bitch yesterday!
by Melissa A April 25, 2003
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Tits,Ass,And Pussy

when used in a sentence it means you would do all 3 to her
That sexy chick is sexy as hell ill T.A.P fuck her.


Ill T.A.P that
by TheGhostKiller July 10, 2009
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To have sex with
Kelsey, the fat whale wants to tap the yugioh master, David.
by shinequa June 28, 2004
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