3 definitions by Lmaodamoncarroll

1. To fuck someone swiftly
2. To touch
3. An acronym for "The Anorexic Pussy"
1. Oh yeah, I'd tap that
2. I tapped my foot to the beat

by Lmaodamoncarroll August 10, 2017
Niggha is used by people on games where English word nigger is not accepted. Niggha is also used to emphasize the last g in nigga
That's MY baby!? Niggha!
by Lmaodamoncarroll August 6, 2017
A sexy all around guy, plays sports and is good with girls. A nice guy overall and sleeps with ''people" a lot. Never messes with anyone, you should want a Damon
by Lmaodamoncarroll May 6, 2015