Tight Ass Pussy

For some reason, it's a regulation to wear short shorts in Volleyball--I wonder who made those rules.

The hell if I care though, it makes the game fun to watch.
Women in lycra/spandex volleyball shorts...
by Troy H February 19, 2004
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Used to refer to any number of hot girls. Originates from "tap that ass".
"Man look at those two taps over there, they are fine as hell!"
by T1283 September 26, 2008
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To enter ones own penis into a suggested vagina of choice or preference.
Well, I'd date her for a while first and consider marriage with her; then discuss the matter with her parents and arrange our possible future plans before finally marrying and tap the living daylights out of that sweet sweet pussy.
by theRemiss July 25, 2009
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To call on something
who ever says "tap" first, gets the item
Man 1 : Who wants the rest of my cheese burger?
Man 2 : TAP!
Man 3 : tap!
Man 1 : (Gives cheese burger to Man 2)
by kelby obrien May 10, 2006
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Acronym for "Thoughts and Prayers".

Usually used online in an oblivious or trivial format to denote the common catch phrase during a violent event or tragedy.
Jim: Did you hear about the tragic school shooting that happened yesterday?
Jeff: Again? that sucks. (Goes on Twitter) #SchooterShooter # TAPS
by LoveThieves August 04, 2019
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did you see how a.i. put antonio on the floor twice? he got taps!!
by 2014_chiguy December 07, 2006
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