Tight Ass Pussy

For some reason, it's a regulation to wear short shorts in Volleyball--I wonder who made those rules.

The hell if I care though, it makes the game fun to watch.
Women in lycra/spandex volleyball shorts...
by Troy H February 19, 2004
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To enter ones own penis into a suggested vagina of choice or preference.
Well, I'd date her for a while first and consider marriage with her; then discuss the matter with her parents and arrange our possible future plans before finally marrying and tap the living daylights out of that sweet sweet pussy.
by theRemiss July 25, 2009
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(abv.) TITS, ASS and PUSSY
Ex.1 What every guy wants
Ex.2 He was all about some TAP
Ex.3 (not slutty girls):"I just want some TAP"
by Ana y Sarah March 11, 2006
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To dip the slightly moistened tip of a cigarette (the end that will be lit, not the filter end) in cocaine.

When smoked, a tapped cigarette produces a slight crack-like high.
Hey let me tap my cigarette in that blow before you cut it into lines.
by _zima_ March 23, 2008
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An expression used by someone temporarily vacating a seat in a crowded room where seating is otherwise unavailable which connotes that person's right to return to their seat upon their return
"get out of my seat, bitch, I said taps"
by HoodooMan November 16, 2004
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an exclamation of something being lame; not cool
word comes from house league players tapping their stick on the ice when they are calling for the ring... tap!
-adjective - your Backstreet Boys shirt is so tap!
-verb - you just farted, and it stinks - could you tap any worse?
-noun - you missed the open goal shot? You are such a Tapper!
by THBIAOP March 29, 2004
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