17 definitions by BlackAttack(TheAfricanAssault)

1.Signature sound of the game Microman, a powerup
2.Missiles that have a homing device or controls to guide them to a target
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1. Pure evil, See Sinister
2. One who is too lazy and tourmented to destroy things
Gyor is a bast0r.
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1. A car
2. A vehicle that can form into one of 5 parts of a giant robot to battle evil
3. A poor floatation device
4. A high tech replacement for the bicycle
The honda broke... again...
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1. A quantity or amount, number
2. A language used in online gaming
1. I have $1337.00 in the bank.
2. I 0wn j00 n00b! Who'z 1337 N0W??
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1. A yearly games festival held at the house of the host
2. A word where every time it is said, one must gesture
I will see you at 199nam!! <gestures>
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Short for: Began Laughing So Hard And Fell Out Of Chair, Now Rolling On The Ground In A Histaric State Of Laughter
Jimmy: FAT32, more like phat32!
Jimmy: god ur messed up..
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1. Short for Phantasy Star Online
2. An addicting drug that is taken through the eyes, highly addictive in large doses, smaller doses cause intrigue
I'm having PSO withdrawals, i need a fix.
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