6 definitions by The Janator

To see a girl you are attracted to and fuck her sexy ass brains out.
Charlie: Damn! Monica's lookin sexy. I would tap

Me. Yea and so is your mom. I'd tap that shit too.
by The Janator October 18, 2010
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a phrase you can say to someone as an insult or out of hatred or anger towards another person. basically you are telling that person to suck my dick by implying that. another phrase that goes along with this is "get on your knees" or stop sucking.
Your the stupidest person i have ever known.

Yo open wide son.
by The Janator October 18, 2010
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A good place to buy weed materials and a good place to go to hang out and check out the little stores. It's also convenient place for "under age" shoppers becuase the police don't show very often. Also a GREAT place to find cheap Asain hookers. It used to be more of an underground place to go to buy illegal stuff but now it's more of a tourist attraction.
Yo lets roll through St. Mark's Place I need to cop some rolling papers.
by The Janator October 18, 2010
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A term used for the shortened term "nigger". However, some teenagers and young adults may refer to each other as there "nigga" or "nig".
It's not his fault he's a nig.
Yo what's up ma nig?
by The Janator October 18, 2010
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To be extremely high to the point where reality is in a faze. It can also be refered to as trippin'. When one is so baked on weed that nothing really matters. A phrase commonly used by Kid Cudi and other pot smoking artists.
Yo son tonight were hittin' up my bong and im zonin' to ma man Jimi.

Yea dude were gonna be so baked.
by The Janator October 18, 2010
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