To see a female derriere and have the emotional response to bit the bottom lip while wearing expensive sunglasses.
*sees picture of a tight female ass*
*puts on expensive sunglasses and bite bottom lip*
by kanye west's sunglasses March 30, 2009
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a phrase that is said when a person has a butt that looks nice & hard to not look at, typically said by guys but can be also said by girls, if they're into that stuff.
Logan:damn delilah! dat ass!
Will:can i get a slice of that?
John:lol you losers go get a gf
Will,Abraham,Logan,Andrew,&Chad: John shut the fuck up!!
Delilah:guy fights... really.
Alyssa: I agree.
by a wild bandaid May 7, 2017
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A statement used by men and women when they spot a voluptuous buttocks. A similar phrase that can also be used is 'dat ass doe!'
"Hey dude check out this picture of my boyfriend at the beach"
"Bro those are some nice trunks, but dat ass!!!"
"I know right?!"
by Gogan Heimer May 22, 2014
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A positive vernacular expression used when one sees the buttocks of another,
((usually in a pic posted on an internet board))
Expressing delight and a possible suggestion of sexual interest.
Oh lawd.. dat ass

by Dirkzen February 26, 2009
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An ass that is so nicely plump, so erotic that it can cause people to cum up to 5 buckets.
"Dude did you see Vicky Mags?!"
"Yeah why?"
"Summer was good to her, look at dat ass!"
"Yeah I came 5 buckets!"
by Dat ass man April 27, 2009
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A phrase people use for 'that butt' to make it use slang
by amandastarkey16 April 11, 2015
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A completly perfect booty.
John: dude look at dat ass.
Jim: omg! It looks like it was made in heven...
John: ikr
by Bigfugde656 October 28, 2015
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