The act of suspended your lady upside down like a bat from the cieleing, then proceeding to take a running start and impailing her throat atomically with atomic atomiclyness making her tap out
i atomically tap’d your sisters asa cheeks
by tommynics April 26, 2022
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Another definition for a males penis or scrotum.
1. "My tap is sticking together"
2. "DAMN look at the size of his tap!"
by Martin Bryan August 16, 2005
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PaulT's way of saying I'll be your friend

Mainly used on the internet
by Nigger Man June 30, 2007
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In one of the most popular one direction/Larry fanfict the two main characters Louis and Harry had to keep a si rey that they are dating so that meant no public hugs or I love you so they created a code which means that tap tap tap is I love You three yours three taps.
by Larry1d January 23, 2021
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used to claim one's right to return to a seat or spot (one must physically tap the seat twice while saying aloud "tap tap"); equivalent to calling spot backs
if one had a good seat in front of the tv during, let's say the super bowl, and drain the lizard, one would call "tap tap" on the seat and have rights to it when he/she returns

"i gotta take a piss...tap tap"
by yar1didntknowwhatthismeans January 4, 2005
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In the video game Soul Calibur II, using a repeated quick vertical attack (i.e. Triangle by default on the PS2) with the character Raphael to annoy other players. Fixed in Soul Calibur III.
One of the cheapest moves in Soul Calibur II was Raphael's tap tap tap attack.
by Dygo June 7, 2007
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A subtle way of letting other guys around you that some hot piece of ass is walking by. Useful in a bar where everyone can overhear your conversation.

Also used as a reply to confirm the fuckability of the girl.

Warning: Not to be used when wives, girlfriends and mothers-in-law are within hearing distance.
*Jessica Alba walks into the room*

Guy #1: Tap tap

*Guy #2 immediately turns head to see who walked through the door*

Guy #2: Tap tap
by Mr Meticulous April 13, 2011
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