The act of masturbating especially in regions related to Champaign, Illinois.
"Man, I've been studying all day. Do you mind if I go get swoll on your couch and then take a nap?"

"Get iiiiit! I'll make you some coffee from glo j when you wake up"
by Champaign's finest August 9, 2012
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Dog you best not be tripin' cause I'm gettin' swoll.
by Playa Play April 30, 2003
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Slang adjective most commonly used by homosexual males to describe muscular regions on other males bodies. This is also a well used term of endearment between two homosexual partners. Swole is also commonly used to describe the size of other males penis's.
Jack: "Hey Cory, look how swoll that guys buttocks is."

Cory: " Your right Jack, but I just can't take my eyes off of how swoll his package is."
by Swolen November 29, 2010
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hard, feelin good. etc.
damn gurl, u put a nigga dick on swoll!
by KaaaRis May 30, 2008
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2 Definitions 1: A SEXUAL term (I.E):"My cock is SWOLL". 2: Street slang with various meanings.Too many to list!
1: My cock is SWOLL. 2.I'm SWOLL (buff).
by j perez May 17, 2003
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a new jersay slang word used by southern jersians with little vocabulary skills
by 36 January 23, 2003
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Means a large person, aka fatbody.
Holy shit, look at that swoll! She must of just ate 20 twinkies.
by bob dole December 11, 2003
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