The act of of becoming swole or muscular, and looking like a douche bag. Term often used by football players.
"Trenton said he's going swolling."
"He's such a douche bag."
by Darkflufatron April 21, 2016
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your so pissed off and heated
lol did u see steve get smacked in the face! lol , he's super swolled!
by drewdrew October 20, 2005
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equevelent to piss, or pissed off
yo, if u dont quit, i'll get swoll on your face!
by r.e.l. September 21, 2006
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Damn her ass is lookin swolled! Yo nigga, did you see him he is lookin big and swolled!
by ApeWild March 2, 2008
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Being pisssssed off to the fullest
by Courtnastyyyy December 14, 2011
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the feeling one gets directly after something bad happens to them
As Ian attempted to reattach the steering wheel of his car he inadvertantly honked the horn. The ugly girl in front of the car smiled because she thought he honked at her. swollness.
by hooker1 January 26, 2006
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