A paragon of hypermasculinity, manifesting in the physical and attitudinal embodiment of strength, occupying space with intimidating quantity and developing rippling musculature through rigorous, disciplined exercise.
Micael Heck, the third best comic artist in Seattle, is known by all who encounter him, as the very definition of swole.
by GraphicLexicographer August 5, 2015
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Having extreme amounts of muscle on ones body... Becoming a Gym Freak will make you swole...
You see that girl sawyer over there , she is more swole than her boyfriend Graydon... how embarrassing... man should hit the curls!
by TheGoatMizzle May 22, 2017
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To swell up your body in a confrontational manner. To step to someone while swelling your muscles, in an attempt to intimidate or scare.
"Don't swole up on me bro... This is for charity."
by Jcover May 18, 2014
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To be big, with large muscles.

Usually one gets 'Swole' or 'Swole Up' while in prison because of excessive lifting weights.

In Texas usually pronounced Shwole.
'oooooooooooie that nuckka is SWOLE!!!!!!'
by Dont-Be-Skurrd June 13, 2004
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To be jacked or buff as shit. Having muscle on top of muscle and being big.
Emmanuel: "Aldo your not swole!"

Aldo: "I'm swole! I even look swole in this extra large tee"

Kevin: " Yeah he's swole as shit!"
by Swolebayi November 29, 2010
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The body of a sexy, curvaceous and hourglass-figured woman. Resembling that of a pinup, siren or thick broad.
Bobby: " Damn dude, did you see that girl over there? Her body is swole."
Sailor Tom: "Yea bro....her body is stacked. She looks good. "
by HillbillyPanda January 3, 2019
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A type of meal made from primarily noodles and chips. Originated from inmates using whatever they had in their canteen to make something filling.
S: Baby, what are you doing. Stop makin that swole, you aint locked no more.

I: Aw damn, well you gonna cook for me then Bunny?
by SnObunnY May 3, 2006
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