The act of getting big, making your muscle mass increase and to be a big boy. Soon to be an Aztec bitch
Hey Chris it's Kody, wanna go get swoll?
by Kodyisastud April 6, 2017
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When you are known for being very forward, concise, and eloquent in getting your point across. Usually more in a angry situation.
Thing 1: Go tell yo' bitch im known in these parts. Bitch trying mess up my swoll game. I aint R&B, bitch. This trap music.
by T.H.O.T Conscious1185 December 6, 2019
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To beat someone up.

To win a fight.
Man dat mane o'er der call me a bitch.
DAT PUNK MANE!! Go put swoll on dat duck ass.
by jmartin May 19, 2006
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