A state that feels more like a large city surrounded by farmland. Most people who live in this state feel that it is divided into two areas--Chicago and Downstate. Although the official state capital is Springfield, just about everything gets done in Chicago. In fact, some out-of-staters actually believe that the capital of Illinois is Chicago. Because of this, and many other things, most "downstaters" resent everything and everyone from Chicago.
Visitor: Where are you from?
Illinois Guy: I'm from Peoria, Illinois.
Visitor: Where's that? Near Chicago?
Illinois Guy: No, it's about 50 miles west of Bloomington.
Visitor: Where's Bloomington?
Illinois Guy: Oh, forget it. It's near Chicago.
by Smooth B April 28, 2004
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Why are you looking up “Illinois” on urbandictionary?!

Don’t you people have jobs?!
Illinois is a US state that borders Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, and Wisconsin.
by Cray Cray J May 27, 2020
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A state in the Mid-West. There are a lot of misconceptions about Illinois. First, Chicago is NOT the capital, Springfield is. Second, Illinois is pronounced Ill - Uh - Noy, Not Ill - Uh - Noise. Third, Illinois is more than Chicago and a bunch of farms. There are a bunch of cities in Illinois like Peoria, Bloomington, and Springfield. Fourth, A lot of people think Peoria is a shit hole. Well, I live there and honestly, I have to agree. Every day somebody gets shot or stabbed in Peoria.

Illinois is a great place to be. Except if you live in Peoria like me, then it sucks.
by Skrilla187 February 10, 2008
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Midwest state. East North Central, I guess, if it makes sense. The state is pretty much Chicago, the suburbs and the rest of Northern Illinois, and then the other half is Central Illinois and Southern Illinois (Downstate). Chicago is the largest city and 3rd in the country, and has a lot to offer even if it keeps getting or at least staying dangerous. We're also known for corrupt politics and taxation. The state has a high population, but also has a lot of corn.
I lived in a few States and I also was born in Chicago, Illinois
by IrishArizonan October 10, 2019
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1. The Land of Lincoln
2.Obamanation (Fuck You Hawaii)
3.The space inbetween Chicago and St. Louis and the eventual battleground in the war between Cubs fans and Cards fans.
4. Home of the most corrupt politicians in the world.
Chicago just needs to severe from Illinois and become its own state, most downstaters treat it like one anyways.
by Redhawk23 December 24, 2008
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A state which has a lot of socio-economic inequality. If you live in the Northern Chicago Suburbs, congrats. You're probably a multi-millionaire living in a mansion. If you don't, you probably live in a shack in Chicago, not the nice Chicago. Lucky, your kids will go to Chicago Public Schools and never get nowhere in life. While, all the pharma execs' kids pay their ways into MIT. Don't worry, the governor legalized weed. At least all the conservatives have been chased away.
Illinois has high taxes, but can't seem to get shit done.
by Wigism June 11, 2020
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A great Midwestern state that represents The North, the South, and the Midwest all in one. This is because the length of Illinois runs up and down for over 300 miles: the northernmost area being along the Wisconsin border, and the southernmost area being at the confluence of the Mississippi River and Ohio River, located at the small town of Cairo (pronounced KAY-row).

The state of Illinois consists of flat plains, cultivated farmlands, rich river valleys, a few forests, and well laid-out urban cities. The largest of these cities is the major metropolis of Chicago with its massive skyline and high population of just under 3 million people. Its metropolitan, surrounding-area population amounts to an even larger 7 million people.
The second largest city is Aurora, then Rockford. Springfield and Peoria are practically equal in size, with a population of around 113,000 each. This is an awesome state that everyone should visit.
Illinois is one of the largest corn-growing states in the Union. It also manufactures a lot of farm machinery, machine tools, processed foods, construction supplies, etc. The state has a very strong industry, and an even greater commercial strength because of Chicago. Here are the headquarters of many companies; tons of banks, insurance companies, industrial corporation headquarters, etc. There is also an incredible cultural standing with its numerous museums, fashion and apparel production, arcades, multi-ethnic restaurants, and more.
by Union Soldier December 22, 2004
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