In describing a guy, the meaning would be to have muscles, or to have been lifting weights or working out.
When I got out, I was all swolled and my girl really liked it.
by sodelicious5 April 18, 2008
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To be muscular, jacked, strong etc.
Man, my pockets mo swoll than AC Slater.
by Nosco June 19, 2006
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A dish made primarly in jail/prison consisting of a base usually of ramen noodles infused with cheese, cornchips, sausage, chili, tuna, etc.
Hey man, wanna throw in on this swoll after lockdown tonite?
by joemommat June 13, 2011
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Instead of trolling someone's facebook page, this is the act of swolling it. To spam a friend(s) page with multiple phrases like "got swole? too swole. too much swole" repeatedly.
Friend 1. "Bro I was up swolling your page last night"

Friend 2. "I know. I got like 17 notifications."
by tooswoleforyou666 July 31, 2011
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The term used by a collegiate Caucasian human resources student assistant to claim a place within the ranks of human kind and failing to do so. Studies have shown that nobody with an IQ above 55 has actually ever used the word.
Megan thought she was swoll and decided to pose like the Hulk; complete fail.
by The Talented Mr. H August 30, 2012
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extremely jacked and buff. having a lot of muscle. having an amazing body. great at wrestling because of the definition of muscle owned. biceps big as a head. abs like a rock.
"Dude did you see that kid Nick at wrestling?"
"Nick Riemen? Oh yeah he's totally swoll"
by nota person December 26, 2011
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Someone who is buff or ripped. Usually the most badass person in the room is the swoll guy.
to be swoll you have to have a douchebaggish attitude and the muscle to back it up.

Swoll guys dont get drunk. they black out and get laid.

swoll is also a word to describe something badass
Damn did you see that guys muscle?? he's one swoll ass son of a bitch!

rob: aight we gotta take our creatine, hit the gym, then drink our protein when we get home.

steve: swoll.
by KidSwoll August 3, 2009
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