Those words that we speak
"My vocabulary is.... um... yeah..."
by Trimm October 21, 2003
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The words, riffs, moves, notes, experiences, or songs that we can use to express ourselves.
The drummer's vocabulary is full of great riffs and beats.
by BMWfuture December 12, 2005
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1. Having an impressively thorough vocabulary or knowledge of a language, but feeling the need to illustrate that to all persons with which one comes into contact.
2. Showing sesquipedalianism.
Person 1: "How was your date last night?"
Person 2: "Good, though he was a bit vocabularious."

Person 1: "I find gregarious pedantism unnecessary in the utilization of Socartic didacticism."
Person 2: "I find your vocabularious way of speaking irritating."
by Dan041984 February 10, 2010
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"You've got a strange vocabulary. Must be great for those essays."
by Centuries October 24, 2019
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in relation to having a cool vocabulary and using it in practice..
Neckros has vocabularial prowess when he says Spitroast..
by . November 29, 2004
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“Vocabulary words, are words”.
by My name is jeff. March 28, 2020
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One of the absolute gayest books assigned to complete in highschool. It has words you must learn and it asks questions about those words and it is a complete pain in the ass. There were sites where you could find answers to these but they quickly got shut down. All these books are are a pain in the ass.
Jeff- "Hey Jim, do you want to go catch a movie?" Jim-"No, sorry Jeff I have to go do vocabulary workshop for 2 hours maybe in a year or so"
by mikeylyle August 22, 2006
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