When you are at a loss of words due to someone else's stupidity.
person 1: Walk straight into a wall
person 2: *facepalm* I just can't... I just can't with you anymore.
by thefoxbutt97 April 27, 2012
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You just really can't.
1. Lis: Look at that Guy wearing a Banana suit.
Lauren: Oh wow, I just really can't.

2. Makayla: Do you like my new Yellow Weave?
Jaclyn: Hell no, I just really can't.

3. Nicole: I just found out that you're Boyfriend cheated on you.
Thaddeus: I just really can't.

4. Steph: So I'm pissed? I just really can't.
by xoRebelFlower January 14, 2012
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