It's a short hand way and abreviation to say "Also Known As"
My name is Sammy A.K.A. (Also Known As) Big Sam.
by Anonymous October 30, 2002
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The police are looking for John Doe AKA Samuel Pitz.
The suspect...
by Anonymous September 24, 2003
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How to introduce a euphemism. Saying something while meaning something else.
Used in a sarcastic manner
We're going to watch a movie aka we're going to doink

You're cool aka you're a huge faggot
by John AKA Penis March 26, 2009
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Puerto Rican and Dominican slang for an AK47.
"La calle me llama,
oh boy I love da drama,
have you seen a boricua loco chasing you con un aka" - Daddy Yankee (on the What You Gon Do Latino remix)
by D-Block_NJ June 19, 2006
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