Ebonics for "Swollen", as in getting "swollen" or "buff" at the gym.
Yo, after a couple months at the Y, i'll be a swoll motherfucka.
by Phat E November 26, 2002
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Something douchebags say to describe themselves as being ripped or jacked
Douchebag: Whoa bro look at me. I'm so swoll
Normal Person: That's great. Shut the fuck up
by 333,22,1 May 31, 2011
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Term used to describe someone with considerable and evident musculature. Not to be confused with cut, meaning someone is very defined but not necessarily swoll.
Did you see Lou Ferrigno over there? Guy's fucking SWOLL!
by hockeydawg January 12, 2010
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A dish usually prepared in Jail and/or Prison thats base consists or Ramen Noodles
Dude, i just made this bangin swoll with the last of my canteen money.
by Filthy Whore October 24, 2009
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1: A term used to represent an increase in mass or numeral of something.

2: A term to represent a saturation of something, usually currency.
My pockets swoll.

My bank rolls swoll.
by Omega Redd April 22, 2003
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1. being buff
2. having large muscles
Ronnie from the Jersey Shore is swoll as hell.
by DJ Swellous December 14, 2010
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