The female equivalent of "dude;" a word that began as a gender-specific colloquial word referring casually to another person and has since become gender-neutral.
Gurl, you should totally come up with a required sci-fi/fantasy book list.
by Kaijins May 13, 2016
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used to describe feminine or homosexual males or as a term of affection between two females
I'm going out with the gurls tonight (meaning multiple gay boys)
Hey gurl, nice weave
by pocket April 25, 2005
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A slang term based off of the word "girl", used most commonly in the northern New Jersey area. This word has a distinct pronunciation. Gurl can refer to either a male or female and in most cases has a positive connotation. It is also a way of identifying one's friends. (my friends = my gurls)
In Italy, me and my gurls popped champagne.

Who run the world? Gurls
by gurlzzz May 21, 2013
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A way of spelling "girl" practiced by people who will become victims of natural selection sometime in the future.
idiot: yo gurl sup
otheridiot: gky
idiot: k
by Z October 3, 2004
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A gurl is a girl.
Come on gurl!
by 2c4s January 20, 2009
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An alternative spelling of girl used to indicate that the person being referred to may look and act like a girl but they are not genetically female.
Used commonly by transgendered people in transgendered literature, but not exclusively.
"Hey gurl I think he likes you," said the tranny to her tranny friend.

He stepped into the room dressed as a girl for Halloween.
"Gurl you look hot!" said his friend.
by Disco Vigilante February 12, 2008
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