A simp is a man/boy who get easily attached to females. They often can't move on from them and usually dodges other females for that single one they're stuck up on. Simps usually cry by themselves, listen to sad music that relates to their situation, and they vent a lot. On social media they sometimes follow Wholesome memepages and send them to their friends and relate them to their current status with the female. Simps often don't cry in public they just look very sad and it's pretty obvious. Simps usually gush over their crush, whenever they see them they seem to feel so good inside. Simps sometimes just lurk on their social just to look at pictures of them to feel better. Simps usually get curved a lot, they also take a long time to move on from someone too.
Jayden: Hey look Jake is simping over Jessica

Bob: Man Jake is SUCH a simp
by Some 8th grader in 2019 February 09, 2019
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A simpleton putting his all to being a hopeless romantic. He acts like a chivalrous white knight. He protects and likely gives EXTREME donations to his woman. He thinks that he is in a relationship with her but he is submissive and played by the woman. He cannot give opposing opinions that crush her values and is always an attentive yes man at that. The nice guy who would do anything for her happiness.
I simp for Pokimane. *donates $100 to get attention
You ogle at that Tiktok girl dancing for hours. Can you stop simping for her?!
He does all the housework for her. What a simp.
by Thats the word! June 21, 2020
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A male (boy) that idolizes females to the point where they lose all manhood.
Thomas Eugene Casper: Hey megan! I got you roses they were on sale for $80 at the store, thought I’d ride my tricycle over and drop me off to ya!
Megan: cool, whatever
Thomas Eugene Casper: omg I hope she likes them!
Megan: *after going back inside and throwing the flowers away* what a simp...
by Mrs. Casper February 28, 2020
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M.en or women
Jk I’m the biggest simp on to walk the Earth
Me: omg Dabi is so freaking hot
Friend 1: Bro you simp
by (Dabi_simp) January 30, 2021
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A straight up melvin, a cockmaster, or a bitch. One who acts cool around his crew then turns around and is a complete bitchass with the women. He buys them shit, he tries to talk smack about his own gang, and he just want pussy from the bitches (which he won't cause the women know he a simp).
Dude 1: Dawg that boy Christopher is a complete simp, look at that nigga over there with Sue tryna get pussy

Dude 2: I know it; last week that nigga smoked that bitch Mildred out like 4 times for free, and he didn't even smoke til like a week ago. That man simpin for real.
by SimpKillersUnite September 27, 2010
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Some one who decides to give all their attention to a girl and ditches their friends.
Wow! Carter decided to hang out with Shekinah instead of the boys. He's such a simp!
by Simpson12345 April 16, 2020
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