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Shekinah is lovely,nice,caring and she will be there for you always, she is the cutest bitch ever and likely to be an Aries since she has a lot of anger but also is filled with a lot of love, she has the most beautiful features and is a sign of god. You'd be lucky to have her as a friend,best friend or girlfriend. She will be loyal in a relationship and will always have your back and if you broke her heart she the kind to cut you outta her life so be be faithful,loving,caring and loyal to her since she deserves it.
Person 1 : "Shekinah is so nice and caring everyone should have her as a friend."
Person 2 : "I know right, any boy would be lucky to have her in his life."
by Filipae April 19, 2018
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A woman of God. The most funniest person in the world. She is the life of the party and brightens up your day. She may be shy at first but after a while you will get to know her funny goofy side. She is very pretty and has a kind heart. She's loyal, pretty, funny, wild, smart, and trustworthy. She's the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for.
Person 1- I'm so sad today.

Person 2- just go to Shekinah she can make you happy.
by Snazzyjeff22 June 05, 2018
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Hebrew; thought to be the female counterpart to Yaweh(God); a goddess; heavenly feminity; heavenly beauty
I want to be Shekinah.
by fiercego777 February 06, 2009
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