A man is willing to do anything for his friends, sometimes can be wrong, but makes up for his mistakes, he has plenty of friends who care for him and has the best family on the world
"Dang, Shaun is a cool guy..."
by reany-offline December 4, 2021
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One of the most amazing people a person could ever meet. He would change your life for the better, painting your days with colour. He's humorous and playful, although sometimes he can go overboard with a joke, he'll always make it up to you somehow. For Shaun, it is not the appearance that matters, but the personality. Although he can be lewd, he still has self-control and would definitely be gentle. Shaun is the best man one could ask for, I am extremely lucky to have him in my life. No matter as a friend or lover, Shaun was the best thing that's ever happened to me.
I love you Shaun dear~
Don't ever leave me or.... whoever took you away from would end up missing <3
by -peluche- June 14, 2017
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A shaun is a chad. If a chad had long, flowing, LUSCIOUS hair. A Shaun is a marine science teacher that wears sharp shoes that looks like they should be worn to church. Shauns also tend to tie up their long, flowing, luscious hair, but when they let that hair loose, one glimpse would have you think you saw a portrait version of Jesus. Will occasionally ask you to take your bible out in class, and is so communist. INCREDIBLY communist. Always under the age of 30, always muscular and "gebou", and always with a fully grown beard. never will you ever, see a Shaun, without their fully grown, luscious beard. Shaun's have a beard which EVERY man wishes they had. Not too long, not too short, but a fully grown, perfectly outgrown beard. A magnificent beard. Also has an ironic resemblance to Jason Momoa

Also SO SO incredibly tall and intimidating. Shaun's are Dwayne the rock Johnson with hair and without fighting experience. No student would ever willingly fail this man's class, unless they really hated him, which is impossible.
Person 1: Damn, you see that new Marine science teacher? And damn, look at those mussels (Get it??)

Person 2: Yeah mans, that is DEFINITELY a Shaun. Hmm look at that luscious, perfectly grown beard!
by Dr Rook December 6, 2021
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The man who's brave, caring and generally extremely tall & handsome. They can make every women happy and feel special.
Shaun is awesome.
by wingsofabutterfly October 5, 2014
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He’s daddy , i don’t know a single bitch that wouldn’t want him. He’s yummy with a great little butt. He’s sexy and has gorgeous eyes and i love to play with his beard. And yes he had a giant 8==========D
Shaun is my daddy.
by bitchb January 26, 2021
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Shaun’s have HUGE male reproductive organs.
Shaun is lengthy.
by Oh-ohh-ohh-O-o-Ahh December 11, 2019
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