being grumpy, aloof, silent and unsociable. having a face that says "i'm pissed. and i'm not done yet coz there's just a lot to get pissed with. go away."
i'm an emo kid and sulking is what i do best.
by azi-chan July 31, 2006
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walking around or laying around being all depressed and with no energy to do anything because you're so pissed and depressed that it's as though you're dying but not quite yet
Today just couldn't be any worse, I'll be sulking around the house for the rest of the evening.
by wolf33149 November 28, 2009
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to sulk, to sit in corner, and pout, pout,
by Sulk September 18, 2003
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Someone who acts pissy cold and distant because they get offended by every single little thing cause theyre a sensitive piece of shit who cant get over themselves cause their brain is underdeveloped.
Cunt, im not psychic if i did something to offend you speak up and stop being a sulk about it.
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When a man is grumpy or upset, just like a woman having PMS. Usually present when he's hung-over and his girlfriend makes a teeny-weeny mistake. No apologies or banters would work. She'll be grinded.
Ruarri, I apologized for like 2 hours, stop sulking!
by elaineeee June 29, 2017
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same as (johns). to crave or desire jones.
i sulk that car over there.
i'm sulking that car bro.
by Lightning Magg May 5, 2005
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acronym used to describe an ugly person, stands for "Screwed Up Looking Kid."
"Did you see that kid with the huge ears? He's a real sulk."
by WWJBD November 26, 2006
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