Carter is one amazing guy. He is so sweet and caring. He can help anyone out when they need help. Carters are really attractive for their looks and personality. They are very talented and intelligent, yet they are humble. They struggle with things that you would never guess they do until you talk to them. They are someone you can reach out to. Carter is a guy that falls deep in love with one girl and can never get over how much he loves her.
I never knew someone could be so amazing, but Carter is.
by PrettyPony9985 May 06, 2018
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A Carter will always make you laugh and can make a great friend. Sometimes akward but will always have a smile on your face. Handsome boy.
“He's cute! He must be a carter.“
“That guy is hilarious...“ “Yep, he's a carter.“
by Sun_struck February 11, 2014
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A really sweet and funny guy who can be a little annoying at times but he's easy to warm up to. He is the best friend anyone could have and you are lucky to know one. He is kinda shy at first but once you get to know him he's really cool to talk to.
1: Who's your best friend?
2: Oh his name is carter.
1: Aw lucky I wish he was my best friend.
by Thugpug01 February 25, 2015
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Absolute sweetheart, smart, funny, extraordinary, incredibly clumsy, gorgeous af, unforgettable, a total blessing, somehow manages to look stunning at any moment of the day no matter what their wearing or doing. Carter has a 10/10 look that matches their 10/10 personality, and a mind that holds thoughts that will render you speechless. They'll always make you feel at home. You're hella lucky to have them in your life if you get the opportunity. 100% chance that they'll make your day better in a split second ((unless you're a dick)). Carter will always keep you smiling and/or laughing almost 24/7. Their smile could outshine even the brightest stars and will leave you in a daze.

Warning: Carter will easily win your heart. You may fall in love instantly.
That Carter is a special one, there isn't anyone that can compare.

You haven't met Carter? That's a tragedy, you're missing out on a spectacular person.
by PeachScone55 July 22, 2018
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That kid at your school that is everyone's friend and is fun and enjoyable to be around. He is also intelligent yet athletic.
Person 1: Who is that? He seems nice. I kinda like him.

Person 2: That's Carter. I've known him since third grade and he's never stopped being kind. Also, you wouldn't be the first.
by PüššïŁïčkër123 November 21, 2016
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Carter is a funny guy who can be annoying at times but in the end he’s really nice and normally sticks to only trying to like or date one girl, if you’re friends with a Carter you’re lucky
“Who’s that boy over there, he seems so nice and funny”
Oh that’s Carter
by 316smitty February 22, 2018
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A very sweet/nice/caring boy. He's a keeper if you can catch one. He may not respond in 2 seconds but that's ok because when he does respond it's amazing. Carter's also knows how to treat a girl and be a gentleman also they know how to make a good surprise. Even though we never see each other besides wednesday and sometimes saturdays, when we do it makes the whole rest of the week amazing.
girl:omg i can't seem to find my self a boy
me:it's ok just look for a Carter (not this one though this ones mineeee;)
by kennnnnkeeennnnnnn March 05, 2017
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