When a girl's vagina looks like Homer Simpson's mouth
That girl was so hot but she had wicked camel toe, her vag was such a Simp, too.
by Mr&MrsChen February 10, 2020
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When somebody is overtly nice or protective of someone else to the point of creepiness or desperation
"Remember when Katy Perry stole that Dagny song? I knew a simp who kept defending her."

"Wow. That's pretty lame. That guy is definitely a simp."
by The Cooler King February 22, 2021
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A simp is always defined and associated with the name fatsacker69420 b1fc he himself is the definition of the word itself. Look below for examples of this menace....
Some of the Simp's quotes include but are not limited to "guys stop leave her alone" "Just trust me bro she has no feelings for you just for me man....I PROMISE....." and of course "I must laugh to whatever my queen says"
by VRChat Moderator February 5, 2022
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an acronym from phineas and ferb, S.quirrels I.n M.y P.ants
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When a person does anything to get a girls attention
damn barney you just bought her a house and you dont even know her. Barney your a simp dude.
by FREDA SLAVES September 28, 2020
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Somebody that will obsess over nearly anybody and constantly message them or do things for them trying to earn approval from them in an unhealthy manor. Usually simps are lonely boys in their teenage years. People usually don't like to date their simps . Simps are viewed as gross and obnoxious.
Sarah: Wow Jake is such a simp he won't stop texting me and his messages are so awkward!
by Cobrascissors December 31, 2021
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Leaving the bros to hang out with your girl.
Nic Suire always simps to hang out with cat.
by 69daddy_kong69 March 8, 2020
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