the real definition of simp is



if they’re not important men... sis why are your sucking their penises? why is their penis in your mouth?!

it’s time to ditch those loser men! get you someone who is important! a dick worth sucking for!
Girl 1: sis, no more sucking loser men’s penises!
Girl 2: bitch! we’re only SIMPS over here
by Mildred Money Bags March 21, 2021
It means a person who will do everything to get attention from another women, especially a guy.
hey, check this guy out he's a Simp because of his begging for nudes.
by Dr.YOLO March 29, 2020
Someone who says they do not talk to a girl that they secretly have a crush on but actually talk to them all the time.
Nathan is simping on Rachel because he says he does not talk to her but instead they talk all the time.

Nathan comments on all of her tiktoks and instagram pics. What a simp
by natesimpmiros May 26, 2020
A person (Usually a male) who devotes a LOT for a girl who ignores/barely notices his efforts for her. Referred to by Gawr Gura as "Shrimp"
Person: Someone just donated $100,000 to this girl, what a simp!
Gawr Gura: Simp? Do you mean shrimp? I know what shrimp means
by FemboysAreBest October 5, 2020
James Duca is a simp for Maria. He will do anything for her because it is is first relationship and he’s afraid to do anything wrong. He tries to control others’ relationships because he thinks all men should be simps
by Seegsmonster August 2, 2020
When a person does anything to get a girls attention
damn barney you just bought her a house and you dont even know her. Barney your a simp dude.
by FREDA SLAVES September 28, 2020