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When you lowkey in pain over a person, so you listen to sad music nd think of them
Tom: Yo u still simpin?
Dane: Yeah, dawg the heart wants what it wants
by Youngintellect April 22, 2018
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When a man a man shows alot of affection to a woman when he's around her but acts as if she means nothing around his friends.
Simpin ass Man to girl: Oh baby I love you so much. I don't know what I would ever do with out you..

Simpin ass Man to his boys: Man, I don't need that b*tch she aieght in the sack but there's other fish in the sea!!!
by Missizhunter September 20, 2007
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Simps are in-genuine men who act friendly, but are really trying to buy into a women's pants. They can be seen begging, being highly agreeable, and giving expensive gifts to a women they JUST met. When they inevitably get friend-zones, the simp becomes frustrated and declares"women only like assholes".
John: "Yesterday at the bar I spent all night complimenting and buying this random girl drinks."

Justin: "O wow your such a nice guy".

John:" I KNOW RIGHT!, yet I didn't even give me any "thank you" sex. She ended up going home with this asshole instead."

Justin: "...smh!"

John: "I tell you man, simpin aint easy!
by Captain Sava December 23, 2011
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Simple Pimpin
A pimp who has 1 or 2 gurls
Man that doesn't know how to pimp.
by Jreed June 26, 2005
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To be chilling; To be chill

similar to gucci
I be simpin.

We simpin.
by happytrooper January 13, 2017
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