Guy 1: You know Sive?

Guy 2: Who, the Simp?
Guy 1: Yeah him.
by leviikori August 10, 2020
The future husband of Belle delphine (ahegao Queen)
Sive is a biggest SIMP who loves simping for Belle delphine soo much that he will one day marry her
by Saitama 777 August 25, 2020
Shortform of aggressive which means something like cool or wicked Also used as a greeting.
A: " I made a little pig out of modelling clay"
B : "OMFG that's SIVE....can I have it?"
by hanninanni September 26, 2005
Camera gesture involving the flattening of your hand horizontally towards the camera lens. The end result is a headshot photo with your arm, hand and top of head being the focus.
Look, he’s doing the sive in the park!
by WoRd! August 22, 2020
Sive is not a simp for Belle Delphine, she is a simp for him.
by Redhoody11 August 22, 2020
Sive trys there best even though no one like them they want to feel aprecated if there's a sive in your life please be kind to them I promise it will work out there trying there hardest
"Hey do you know sive?"

"yeah there the best!!"
"well I hate them"
by Ahhhh!!! January 22, 2022
one of the coolest people you will ever meet. even though she's likely Irish but not Irish enough for her name to be spelt in the Gaelic way, she's super chill. although she might sometimes get irritated with people, she never shows it. people either love or hate Sive- there's no in-between.
"Sive is honestly one of my favorite people ever."
"Really? I can't stand her."
by cauliflowerpizzacrust January 10, 2020