Synonym for gay. A male who is thought to have mastered the penis.

True mastery of the cock requires regular practice.
Cockmastery can NOT be achieved by masturbating as this only results in the mastery of ONE cock (ones own), not cocks in general.
Therefore a cockmaster is a male who is thought to handle other peoples penises frequently, thereby aquiring skills that have to be considered masterful.
"Piss off, cockmaster."
by arsebum October 17, 2009
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one who has earned a masters degree in the art of handling cock; someone who really pisses you the fuck off.
1. im tired of that lazy cockmaster not doing any of the work, and still act like hes tired.
by Smoke more bud! May 14, 2003
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Noun. This word is a simple combination of the word cock, in the euphimistic sense refering to the penis of a human male, and the word master.

It is an insult used to question the sexuality of the targeted person, who is usually male, or to express general disdain for them.
You cockmaster, I can't believe you told my girlfriend I went to a strip club last night!
by pete August 10, 2004
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The type of person who cares only for their own needs and wants. One who thinks they will get their way by being a bigger pain in the ass than the next person. Origin: approx. 6-7 yrs in mainstream culture via The "South Park" movie
"That guy just cut in line for the bathroom!" "What a Cockmaster"
by NITERAT April 25, 2005
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Person who raises roosters for fun, profit and possibly illegal fighting and betting.
What did you think it meant?
by Luigi August 10, 2004
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