the purest, sweetest, kindest human you'll ever meet. they're perfect in every single way, and absolutely stunningly beautiful. They can make your heart flutter in one giggle. Also, their hand fits perfectly in yours and thier lips against yours are meant to be.
Im dating ash; I could die happy

Ash is the best date mate you'll ever meet in your entire life
by Heyoits_Me June 20, 2018
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Greatest woman to walk the earth with the Most GINORMOUS BOOTY in the Cosmos
by TrickyAru January 25, 2019
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Ash is a unisex name, though more commonly used as a nickname for names like Ashton, Ashley, Ashlynn, etc.

However, it must be said that if this is the person’s actual name and not a nickname and rather their birth name, they are said to seem more addicting in a relationship. People with the first name Ash usually have the most capturing Blue Eyes as well as incredibly soft brown hair.

Should you come across an Ash who grabs your attention, they may seem too relaxed or insincere in the same damn oversized hoodie they’ve worn for the past week, but don’t let those signs misguide you. Ash has a huge heart and strong emotions, and should you win him over, he will spend every moment he can around you and providing for you, mostly with food and candy such as Ferrero Rocher and right twix (making you their twix whore).

Overall, Ash will become the most important person in your life who you will love until the day you die.
Ash: Hey, I love you so much that I buy you food and plushies.

Me: Guys, Ash got me a stuffed platypus! I love him so much because he’s beautiful inside and out.
by spoopyneko April 20, 2019
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Ash is an amazing guy who struggles to see all of his qualities. He is hard working and outshines many through his calm and caring personality. His brown eyes reflect how trustworthy and caring Ash is. If you find an Ash hold on to him, cause he will become your greatest support and friend ever.
by MadHatter1912 July 13, 2018
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A Great guy, always there for his friends and family. Never fails to makes his mates laugh. Always good fun and up for a bit of trouble. Gets angry when people say he has a girls name but cant really do anything about it.
by Hitem13 May 07, 2010
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Main character in the American version of the anime, Pokemon. I am guessing that Ash's mother was smoking weed when she named him. When she tried to think of a name, she looked all around, and then looked at her joint, and then Ash popped into mind.

Anyway, Ash is the main character in Pokemon (except for a couple of Japanese series) His dream is to become a "Pokemon Master", whatever that is, and "Catch 'em all." How he will manage to catch all 493 Pokemon, God only knows. But for now, his signature Pokemon are Pikachu, Charizard, and Squirtle.
by kylezors August 19, 2008
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Someone who is generally hilarious for no apparent reason, in every possible and impossible way. Has a dry sense of humor, and usually doesn't try to be funny.
(Not to be compared to a class clown) When seeing some sort of animal or make believe creature you refer to it as "Ash"
Boy #1: *Sends picture of a donkey"
Boy #2: "Ash"

Girl #1: "Look at that picture on the back of her shirt, what is that?"
Girl #2: "It's Ash"
by Grizwold June 30, 2014
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