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When you think you have a nice meaty fart to let out, but the only thing that presents itself is a juicy turd bubble.
Person 1:"So Dave, let me tell ya, I felt a fart coming on the other day, and uh... Well little did I know it was a juicy 'lil turd bubble. It was horrifying"

--Person 2:"Ya I hate when then happens. Did you know that it's called sharting?"

Person 1:"Really? Well goshdarnit Dave, you do learn something new everyday, now don't 'cha?"
When you're in the process of pooping, and you happen to let a fart slide out.
by BradS January 04, 2007
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fart nugget
basically when its relly quiet and then all of sudden you think you're fart is gonna be quiet and you shit your pants instead.
#1-Guys we have to go now....i mean it we have to go now.
#2-Why whats wrong...what happened?
#3-I just sharted.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....lauren and denver
by jessica March 28, 2004
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Sharting- The act of flatulance followed by beef stew being forcely pushed through the rectum. Leaves a gelatonous residue behind, Also known as Charting ie. The action of forcely Blowing large chunks of feces through the ass hole.
Leaves behind many tidbits for Cats to nibble on. Can be used in Conjunction With Shliquid. A shitty liquid left behind after Wet Sloppy farts.
I ate some Chimichangas last night, and i was sharting so much!
by EdWardcummin August 30, 2011
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When you feel a huge ass fart coming and let it out because you think it’s going to feel good, but then feel something sticky come out of your asshole along with it.
Dude1: Hey dude, I was sharting this morning.
Dude2: Hot damn! How’s the skid marks?
by shitweasel June 11, 2020
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